On Target

Pro Staff

Charlie Goodman, Pastor,
Founder, On Target Sportsman's Ministries

Charlie has served God at Macedonia Baptist Church, Manchester, KY for over seven years. Before that he was the Pastor of Silver Leaf BC in Rose Hill, VA. Charlie has seen many people come to Christ and led his Association in Baptisms several years both in Virginia and Kentucky. Charlie is a gifted speaker and outdoor author.

E-mail Charlie: cgoodman@ontargetministries.net

Ronny Jones, Pastor,
Ministry Prostaff, On Target Sportsman's Ministries

Ronny has served God at Kingston Pike Baptist Church, Lenoir City, TN for over 20 years. His long tenure has given him wisdom in ministry.

Ronny loves the outdoors. He enjoys archery, muzzleloader and modern firearms hunting. He is a certified TWRA Hunting Education Instructor.

E-mail Ronny: rjones@ontargetministries.net

Dennis Wilder, Pastor,
Ministry Prostaff, On Target Sportsman's Ministries

Dennis is the Pastor of Mary's Chapel Baptist Church in Ripley, TN. He has served Christ in different roles of ministry since he was nineteen years of age. After Christ his loves are first his family and then bowhunting.

If a phrase could describe Dennis that phrase would be "Bow Only". Dennis has spent a lot of time working in archery shops and enjoys working on bows. He and his wife are trained in the National Archery in the Schools Program.

E-mail Dennis: dennis.wilder@ontargetministries.net