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Season One Adventures:

Preparing for the Season; He’s Alive; Feed, Seed or Weeds; In the Way; What a Drag; Panting for God; The Chipmunk Deer; What Am I Forgetting; Chigger Magnet; Looking our Eyes Out; Blood Trail; High and Dry; The Man-Eater is Coming; (Includes Witness Tract: Hunting for Answers?)

Season Two Adventures:

For Such a Time; Hammer Time; Reading the Sign; Survival; A Little Talk With Jesus; Full Rut; Almost is Not Good Enough; Don’t Kick the Skunk; Talking Me Into Anything; False Hope; The Difference is Worth the Distance; A Place Called Possum Trot; Bull’s Eye; (Includes Witness Tract: The Blood Trail) 

Season Three Adventures:

Off Season; Lease Agreement; Wayward Pellets; The Truth of Camp Fire Tales; He Made Me Do It; Boundaries; I Named Him Hard Head; Beaver by the Tail; Enjoying the Journey; The Trophy Room; Walking in the Light; I’ve Never Gotten Over It; Setup is Everything; (Includes Witness Tract: Trail to Heaven)

Season Four Adventures:

Shortcuts; The Fire Goes Out; Back to the Basics; The Unexpected Catch; Trail Cams; Reloaded; False Steps; The Luck of the Draw; The Storm; Sonny Dog; Death Traps; Big Reeker; Tie Up the Boat; (Includes Witness Tract: Single Shot)