Charlie’s Story

    Charlie Goodman was born in Clinton, Tennessee. It was evident from his very early childhood that he had an unwavering desire for the outdoors. At the age of five, he fell in love with the sport of archery. At this time in his life, the world of hunting, in his mind, revolved around small game, mostly rabbit, squirrel and the occasional bird hunt. However, at the age of nine, he was introduced to deer hunting. This would forever change the way he viewed the sport of hunting. Nine was also the year for his spiritual awakening. At New Hope Baptist Church on a Wednesday night, he gave his heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ. This began a spiritual journey that he is still pursuing to this day. He is the first to tell you that the two greatest passions in his life are the pursuit of Jesus Christ and the pursuit of wild game. 

   In his adolescent years he began shooting archery competitively and won many local and national level tournaments. Through this phase of his life competitive archery was a top priority. It seemed like his dream of shooting professionally was going to come true. While already being sponsored through a sporting goods retailer, an offer came from a nationally known bow manufacturer for him to shoot full time on their staff. Even though this seemed to be the opportunity he had been longing for, God had other plans for his life. While the relationship with the bow manufacturer only lasted six months, because of outside circumstances, God still had a plan. 

   Charlie enrolled in college and began pursuing a mechanical engineering degree. However, during this time he began to wrestle with the call of God on his life. After announcing at age nineteen that God had called him to preach the marvelous gospel of Jesus Christ, he enrolled in Clear Creek Baptist Bible College. This began his pursuit of a theological education. Charlie has pastored churches in both Virginia and Kentucky and is currently the pastor at Macedonia Baptist Church in Manchester, Kentucky. Charlie realized very early in his ministry that God was going to somehow use his love for the outdoors and his love for Jesus Christ to reach the lost and dying world. This is how On Target Sportsman's Ministries was born. 

   Through this ministry Charlie is able to participate in the filming and producing of a Christian hunting video that is designed not only to be exciting and educational but also to be evangelistic. Charlie is also energetic about the opportunity to organize and facilitate the Sportsman's Extravaganzas, which is one facet of On Target Sportsman's Ministries. 

   Currently Charlie is quite busy while juggling the roles of husband to his beautiful wife Rhonda, Dad to his daughter, Taylor, Pastor of Macedonia Baptist Church, founder of On Target Sportsman's Ministries, outdoor author and editor of The Outdoor Bible Sportsman's Edition, and co-author of The Sportsman’s Seasons. His prayer for the future is the same as when he started, that God would allow him to use his love for the outdoors to win the lost to Jesus Christ.