3D Archery Outreach

New, Innovative Outreach
Relative Gospel Presentation
Reach More People Per $ Spent
Easy Preparation
Great Variety of 3D Targets

We want to help you reach your hunting community through a 3-D Archery Outreach. We will bring 20+ 3-D targets set them up and run the shoot by registering guests and keeping score.
Before the prizes are handed out we will present the Gospel in a relative non-threatening manner.
You provide the safe place, any trophies, prizes, door prizes and food snacks.
We get the first 100 3D registration fees and we split all the fees 50-50 after 100. You will likely pay for the outreach itself. 

Cost Per Archer
Adult Archer $15.00
Senior (55+) $10.00
Kids 12 & Under $5.00